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The work of the assembly


 This is the assembly’s most important work. They make decisions on important matters related to prefectural government, including formulating, amending, and repealing laws, formulating a budget, approving accounts, and concluding contracts involving large sums of money.

Elections and consent

 The assembly elects a chairman, vice-chairman, and an election management committee.
 The assembly’s consent is required when the governor selects or appoints people to fill important prefectural positions, such as the Vice-Governor and members of the Education Committee.

Surveys and investigations

 The assembly conducts the administrative work of the prefecture and carries out examinations and investigations of different operations to determine whether they are being properly implemented in accordance with the assembly’s decisions. In addition, they ask for reports from the executive bodies as required, and listen to explanations and opinions from the people involved with an issue.

Submission and adoption of opinion briefs

 The assembly submits opinion briefs to the national Diet and related government agencies regarding issues involving the welfare and benefit of prefectural citizens. It also passes resolutions that embody the assembly’s opinions on national governmental policy and social issues.

Review of applications and petitions

 The assembly reviews from several perspectives the applications submitted from prefectural citizens. It selects those it deems suitable for the prefectural government and citizenry, and works to achieve the object of the application. In addition, it refers petitions to the related committee and asks questions as required.

※Applications and petitions

 Applications and petitions are the means by which the opinions and requests of the prefectural citizens are incorporated in prefectural government.
 Applications are one of the citizens’ rights recognized by the Constitution. They are the requests and opinions expressed to public bodies at the national and local levels. Petitions express the facts of a situation and the request for measures to be taken to deal with that situation. They are submitted to public bodies at the national and local levels.
 When citizens have an opinion or request for the prefectural government, they may submit applications or petitions to the assembly.
 The submission of an application requires that it be introduced by a delegate, but this is not required for petitions.